Atreyu - coming up to 5 years of age.

Registered Shiloh Shepherd

DOB:  09 July 2008
Color: Red-Brown Sable, Plush
Weight: 127 lbs (vet verified Oct 18, 2013)
Height: 28.5"

Atreyu's Breeder:  Dawn Swick

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Dam: Gracie
Sire: Toran

Hips -"Normal" (PennHip L..45 - R.37 No DJD)
Elbow - OFA "Normal" prelims

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Atreyu - 16 months


I love you, Grandma!  Foxy and Atreyu Who, Me? Another of Atreyu and his beautiful Grandmother, Foxy

Atreyu - 9 wks Atreyu - 10 wks

So... what's a guy gotta do for a treat 
around here?

Jasper & Atreyu out on the trail. Atreyu 5mths Jasper & Atreyu on the hunt & tracking.

Atreyu 6 mths



Some pictures courtesy of Dawn Swick

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