Gabi & Cade
& Cutter 



   Dual-sired Breeding Announcement!
Puppies have arrived!
The six-pack was born on
Labor Day Sept. 7, 2009!

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"CJ's Cadence of Shenandoah"

"CJ's Cutter De Cade"

DOB:  03 April 2005
Color: Black & Silver Sable Plush
Weight: 126 lbs
Height: 30+"

Dam: "Shenandoah's Alexus of Sunstar"
Sire: "King Cyrus-Selah"

Hips - OFA "Good"

DOB:  12 January 2007
Color: Black & Cream Plush
Weight: 121 lbs
Height: 30"

Dam: "CJ's Dreamin De Lobo"
Sire: "CJ's Cadence of Shenandoah"

Hips - OFA "Good"

"CJ's Gabriel of Hilltop"

DOB:  30 April 2005
Color: Black & Cream Dual Plush
Weight: 77 lbs
Height: 26"

Dam:  "CJ-Hilltop's Combined Victory"
Sire: "Destiny Dancer's MGM of Hilltop"
Hips - OFA prelims "Good", PennHip - L .37 - R. .41 (No DJD)
Elbow - "Normal"

Click here to view Gabi~Cade litter pedigree.  COI on this breeding is 10.93%

  Click here to view Gabi~Cutter litter pedigree.  COI on this breeding is 16.63% 

Gabi, Cade and Cutter all have wonderful temperaments and playful dispositions, we are so very excited to see what they will produce together.
We wait in great anticipation!

Cade is a very handsome large boned boy with a huge broad head and fantastic structure, he's a mild manered and gets along well with all other animals both great and small.  He loves everyone that he meets and the affection is returned... it's difficult not to, he's so affectionate!  He carries a beautiful lush silver/gray sable coat.

Cutter has great looks and his daddy's (Cade) disposition.  He is a large and loving boy, with good bone, a broad head and he carries a lush, Black and Cream Dual coat.  

Gabi comes to us from Judy Vaneman of CJ's Shilohs.  We feel very honored that Judy has entrusted us with this beautiful girl, she has some very phenomenal lines behind her.  Gabi is of the old-line Shilohs from Hilltop and CJ's.
She is an extremely affectionate girl that loves to chat with everyone, Gabrielle is a "talker", hence the name "Gabi"! 

We are happy to announce that these breedings have taken place and puppies are expected September 12, 2009!

Please check back for updates on this breeding!


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