This is Sara's Baby!
Sara & Jasper reside in Toronto

Registered Shiloh Shepherd

DOB:  01 April 2008
Color: Black & Silver Dual Plush
Weight: 93# at 15 mth
Height: 29"+ at 22 mths

Jasper's Breeder:  Judy Vaneman

Dam: Echo
Sire: Cutter

Jasper, Cutie Pie - 9 1/2 Weeks

Marley (left), Jasper (right)  Partners in Crime! Gabi mother's her surrogate babies!

Jasper - 8.5 months Jasper & Atreyu enjoying a romp on the trail out back.

C'mon Mom, pick up the pace... it's just a little further! Jasper & Atreyu on the hunt and tracking.

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