Matehja  @ 18 months - What a Beauty!

My sweet Matehja, she is my happy, playful girl!
She takes nothing seriously, loves absolutely everyone and just can't have enough fun!

We could all learn something from her!


Registered Shiloh Shepherd

DOB:  27 August 2007

Color: Grey Sable
Weight:  86 lbs @ 15 mths
Height: 27.5"

Matheja's Breeder:  Jan Burke

To see Matehja's parents, click here.

Dam: Hanna
Sire:  Denver

Hips - "Normal" PennHip L.32 - R.38 No DJD
Elbow - OFA "Normal"

Generational Rating: 6G

Matehja has now been retired.

Matheha - 9 months - mmm favourite chewy!


Matehja's conformation shot!


Matehja - 9 months - Gotta love that face!



Matheja looking quite serious (unusual) at 6 mths


Adorable Matehja - 6 months


Matehja wearing her best mask at 5.5 mths


9 weeks


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