My Special Boy!


     Taeo - 6 months - Mr. Regal!     

Taeo - 7.5 mths. - 112 lbs - handsome boy!

      Taeo - 6 months - 90.2 lbs



DOB:  22 July 2007
Color: Black & Red Sable Plush
Weight:  122 lbs @ 21 mths
Height: 29"

To see Taeo's parents, click here.

Dam: Trinity
Sire: Magnus

Hips -  PennHip - L .37, R .26 (No DJD)
Elbow - "Normal" by Veterinary Practitioner
Thyroid - "Normal"
Heart - OFA "Normal"
TLI - "Normal"

Taeo is a great representation of the old line Shilohs, he has the bulk (wide hips and shoulders), broad head and great bone.  Taeo is noticed everywhere we go, our extended families as well as complete strangers are fascinated by his mere size, he can be somewhat intimidating to those that have not met him before, until they have witnessed how lovable and gentle he is, especially with both children and the elderly.
Taeo has an ominous bark that he practices at great length with people he hasn't met before; mostly he is looking for attention from them... the way Taeo sees it is...
if they don't know he's there, they won't come and play with him; therefore, he makes sure he's noticed!  :0)

Taeo is our big, beautiful boy and remains the King of our Shiloh family!



Hi Mom! - 10 months

Taeo - 10 months showing off his favourite bone.

Taeo - 10 months looking sophisticated.

Taeo 13 mths Taeo 


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