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(this page was updated on June 17th, 2024)

  For our 2024/25 breeding plans email us here  for further information
or at shiloh.sheps@gmail.com or call 613-242-9030 and leave a message!

  We have some exciting news!!!


Cetus & Roxie's breeding has been confirmed!
X-rays of some of the puppies below.
Puppies expected July 10, 2024!

Please go to "
Cetus and Roxie" page for more details.







More information about Cetus & Roxie 2024 summer litter!


Roxie's Great Aunt Holly and her first litter



So God made a Dog 







(this page was updated on July 13th, 2023)



Click here to read information on DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) and breeding.


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