*** this page updated September 26, 2016 ***

Below you will find puppies, young adults and adults that are available for various reasons.
Here you may find puppies that are from a current litter, or from time-to-time we may have young adults that were retained but
ultimately may not have met our specific breeding program criteria, and/or those that have been retired from our breeding program.

Each are available, they are waiting for a special & loving, forever home & family to spend the rest of their life with!

Please contact us for specific information for adopting any of these wonderful and loving Shepherds.

We have no older pups or young adults available at this time - watch the homepage for updates.


Handsome and happy Liam is no longer seeking a forever home!



For information on our "Guardianship Program" click here!

Allie-Rose (above) is now happily in her forever home sharing her love and life with Mom & Dad and new sister, Hope!
Congratulations Michelle, Paul & Hope of Ontario!

For information on our "Guardianship Program" click here!

Lucy (above) is now happily in her forever home.
Congratulations Alice and Bobby of Ontario!


Watch this page regularly for new additions!