Guardianship Program

   Mystical Shiloh's is a small family breeding kennel, therefore it wouldn't be possible to keep every single puppy that may be a good show/breeding prospect, as each puppy deserves to have quality time spent for exercise, training of physical & mental growth, and for just having fun!  Having too many to care for would not be in the animal's best interest.
We at Mystical Shiloh's want all of our puppies/dogs to have a fulfilling life with an individual or family that will always have their Shiloh's best interests at heart.  It is very important to us that they be in an environment where they can thrive and have the best chance for success.
On occasion, we have such a Shiloh available - our
Guardianship Program enables us to place a puppy or young adult (that we feel has a show/breeding potential) into a well-balanced home environment, sometimes at a reduced purchase cost; each situation is different.
From time to time, we may want to take the puppy out to shows and eventually will need to bring the puppy to our vet for health testing.  Under this program, all health testing related to breeding upgrade and show expenses would be our responsibility.


Listed below are some (but not necessarily all) additional requirements that a Guardianship home should take into consideration:

  • Guardian homes shall be no more than three hours away from Mystical Shiloh's Kennel and families should be willing to allow us to visit their home;

  • Guardian homes must have a fenced in yard;

  • Guardian homes agree to be responsible for all vet bills for general heath and costs of food;

  • Guardian homes must be willing to keep their puppy intact and allow Mystical Shiloh's Kennel to have exclusive breeding rights to the dog for a pre-determined  timeframe if the dog passes their health testing;

  • Guardian homes agree to spay/neuter the dog once breeding obligations have been met or if the dog does not pass health testing;

  • Guardian homes agree to co-own the dog with Mystical Shiloh's Kennel;

  • Guardian homes agree to Mystical Shiloh's kennel having authorization to full disclosure with your veterinarian regarding the puppy;

  • Guardian homes agree to keep a pet health insurance policy on the puppy;

  • Guardian homes agree to socialize their puppy with people of all ages as well as with other animals;

  • Guardian homes agree to take the puppy to Puppy Kindergarten classes, or the young adult dog to Beginner Obedience classes.


If you think this may be of interest to you and your family, and would like to learn more about Mystical Shiloh's Guardianship Program, you can contact me at 613-395-3555 or via e-mail by clicking on the envelope below!

You are welcome to contact me regarding current or upcoming prospects..

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