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More Puppy News!!


Roxie and Kristoff's 10 puppies have arrived!
Over August 20th and 21st (a long 21 hrs!)
3 girls and 7 boys!!

Roxie with Kristoff's 10 puppies

Roxie & Kristoff's 10 puppies
3 girls & 7 boys!

Email me for information on our anticipated 2022 fall breeding!

For more information you may contact me by email at Mystical Shilohs

Our new puppy mama!

Click on the her photo below to go to her breeding announcement page!

Who's that girl?



Pictured above - Holly and puppies from her previous litter, sired by Streiter



Contact me for pricing.

Please note the following:
Deposits for a puppy from any litter can only be made once a puppy application has been completed and approved by us in writing via email notification.

Puppy Deposit - Choose Litter

Please request a puppy application by emailing me at shiloh.sheps@gmail.com

Once I have received and reviewed the application and if for some reason you do not qualify, I will return your deposit immediately.   A deposit of $400 USD is required once your application has been submitted in order to reserve your place on the list for a puppy.  To be fair, reservations are made in the order in which deposits are received.  Our preference for payment is an email Interac e-transfer from your bank to ours (if you do not use online banking, your banking institution will send this payment for you - you would be required to go into your bank in person).  As one option, you can make your deposit through PayPal (Note that PayPal charges a 3.5% + processing fee).
Click here if you would like me to send you a deposit request through PayPal the processing fee will be added for a total request for a puppy deposit payment or use the Paypal option above. (Note: a PayPal account is not required, you would just follow the instruction in the money request e-mail that you receive.)
If you prefer, alternate payment arrangements (i.e.: certified cheque, money orders, etc) can be made by contacting me directly via e-mail at Mystical Shilohs

This page last updated August 31st, 2022

To learn more about our upcoming litter plans, you can contact me via e-mail by
clicking on the envelope below!


Please check out the link below for up-coming Mystical Shiloh's breeding plans!


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